Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Mind Museum

I recently got invited to visit The Mind Museum by my friend who works there. The Mind Museum is a PhP1-billion (USD23.4 million) project that aims to bring first-rate museum experience to Filipinos. One is allowed to take photos of all their 250 exhibits, and they let you touch everything - even their roving robots! I brought my camera and intended to take loads of pictures, but ran out of battery as soon as we started the tour (forgot to charge, bleargh). Scroll down for the pictures I managed to take.

Philippine Eagle head at their Science-In-The-Park area. What this does is it lets you see how animals "view" the world (like a fly would see a multiple tiles of a single image, for example)

The Water Pocket demonstrates how tipping buckets, water wheels, etc. work

Aedi, their robot receptionist, gives out the  introductions upon entrance to the museum. The robot is also quick to point out that the name Aedi is "idea" spelled backwards

They have "mind movers" who give guided tours on Segways. They are all young and accomplished and graduated from science courses

A mind mover explaining what one can expect inside the museum

The life-size butanding (whale shark)

The star is this T-Rex skeleton named STAN

Other interesting exhibits are the 3D movie that shows the beginning of all life on earth in 12 minutes, an x-ray machine similar to what they use at airports, the booths that let you hear spooky "space sounds" (or the sounds of the universe).

For non-Philippine residents, visit their website for science-related articles and a virtual tour.

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