Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucky Strike Ad from the 50s

As seen on the TV series Mad Men, it wasn't uncommon for pregnant women to smoke in the 1950s (ah, naivete!); Some cigarettes were even marketed as "medicinal".

They couldn't have predicted that there would someday be a law requiring tobacco companies to label 30% (even 90% in some countries) of their cigarette boxes with warnings of doom and gloom and graphic images of mouth cancer.

Just look at this Lucky Strike ad with a "physician" endorsing the brand and its tagline - "Your throat protection against irritation, against cough."

Weird, right?

Coca-Cola Ad from the 50s

A Coca-Cola ad from the 1950s. A glimpse of the "mad men era" in the Philippines (Tagalog all the way!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Detailed State of the Apps Report

The (very cool) chart below gives us an insight on the status of the Smartphone app market. Innnneresting (click to enlarge)...

Currently, Apple accounts for more than 99% of app revenues in the market. But with more than 40,000 game publishers competing against each other - and a $99/year developer fee apiece that they have to pay Apple - only 10% of them get a nice return on investment.

Oh, and games are still the champion in terms of sales. Of course.