Monday, August 22, 2011

The Story of the Nike Swoosh

Back when I was working for a mobile value-added service provider, I handled a service that pushed random trivia to subscribers. I remember featuring this one about the person who designed Nike's swoosh logo - how she was a still a student when she was contracted by the company and paid just $35.00 for her design.

That's right: An image that is now worth billions of dollars in brand value was bought for the price of 10 tall lattes. Ironic, innit? Or should I say, sucks for her? Kidding.

Read the story of Carolyn Davidson, designer of the Nike swoosh, here.

My two cents': What's great about her is her humility. This designer, who could surely hit up Nike for more money, is content with the fact that she made a solid design that is now recognized the world over.

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