Monday, August 25, 2008

Coca-Cola M5 Bottles

The Coca-Cola M5 or "Magnificent 5" aluminum bottles. The designs were commissioned by the soda giant to 5 different design teams, namely: The Designer's Republic (UK), Lobo (Brazil), MK12 (United States), Rex & Tennant McKay (South Africa), and Caviar (Japan).

But you won't be seeing these anytime soon in a grocery store near you. Coke will be featuring these only in "the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges".

Here's one of the viral videos they released for M5.

Go here: Coca-Cola M5.

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Mister Pip said...

This is really cool. I've always wondered what the M5 looked like, since I know they sell it in Mexico, but I've never seen it in the states. Wonder why? Very neat.